Cathy Givans

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Cathy Givans

“I chose a charity to promote today that falls in line with the message I hope to convey in my writing: that everyone deserves a life free from violence.

Safety is an obscure and unobtainable goal. But a life free of violence is obtainable and completely possible. According to the most recent data, one in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives. I was one of them, but I was not alone. My three eldest children experienced the abuse with me. We have spent years trying to repair the damage that domestic violence has caused in their lives. We have made huge steps and seen a great deal of healing, but some of their past with domestic violence will always be with them.

Today, my children and I are safe. We don’t have to be afraid. But there are still countless others trapped in abusive situations. They don’t know where to turn or where to find help. They’re too afraid to even try. They need a voice and they need your support. Most of all, they need hope. Together, we can stop the silence, one life at a time.

Sojourner Center was the first shelter my children and I went to.While there, we were provided with food, clothing, resources and daycare. But most importantly, we were provided with education, support and empathy. They gave me the tools I needed to start the healing process for both myself and my children. Those tools helped us move on to life free from violence. I wouldn’t be the same person today had it not been for the beautiful people that volunteer their time, make donations to and work at the Sojourner Center. No thank-you, no amount of money will ever be enough.”

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