Heather Huffman

Help me illuminate The Covering House.

Heather Huffman

“I believe we all have something unique we can contribute to make the world a better place. Although I’m not equipped to break down doors to rescue human trafficking victims, I can use my writing talents to help raise awareness and funds for those on the front lines. At the moment, I am raising money for The Covering House, a place of refuge for girls under 18 who have experienced sexual trafficking or exploitation. A Holistic Safety Program has been developed to be piloted at The Covering House by Katie Rhoades MSW, a recent graduate of Washington University. Currently, no comprehensive program is available in the United States that meets the unique needs of this population, putting Covering House at the forefront of providing specific care. You can donate directly to The Covering House on their website. To find my fundraiser for The Covering House, check out my Crowdrise Covering Your Mark campaign.”

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Twitter: @Heathers_Mark

Facebook: Heather Huffman Books

Works: Devil in Disguise, Throwaway, Jailbird, Ties that Bind, Ring of Fire, Tumbleweed, Suddenly a Spy