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  2. There are so many causes that I help support. One very near and dear to my heart is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundations Great Strides walk. My friends son is 4 years old and he has been very fortunate despite his condition. I love that boy to death.

  3. This is an awesome giveaway. I really admire what all of these authors are doing for their various charities. The charities I support are cancer research, preventing animal cruelty and domestic(or any type for that matter) abuse, and children’s hospital support. Those mean a lot to me.

  4. So many wonderful authors and so many great charities. Thanks for making us all aware of these causes.



  5. Thank you so much for not only this awesome giveaway, but for bringing so many causes to donate to, to one place. Three in particular touch my Heart and Home profoundly. I am over Joyed to have seen this event taking place and being able to participate. Reading the about each author’s cause and reasons was a Wonderful experience and three in particular had me in tears!! I sincerely Hope this is something everyone does on a consistent basis if they/we have the financial ability to do so. THIS is Heart warming beyond words!

    Thank you. My FB page is protected, but I posted this link as public so I Hope you can see it.

    Warmest and all the Best,
    ~*Melissa*~ xoxo

  6. The cause and post by, Susan Griscom hit home very hard. The tears flowed upon reading the first sentence and the entire post she wrote about her cause for “Empowering Women”!!

    One cause that I pray to anything and everything that I wish would get more attention is debilitating panic and phobic disorders. I have suffered from them 24/7 (even in nightmares) for 35 years!! They are a nightmare beyond comprehension or explanation. Leaving your life and the lives of family in chaos, stress, pain, isolation, loneliness, ultimately deep depression and VERY low self esteem. They cripple you and control EVERY single thing you do in Life. Every decision is ALWAYS based around the fear and the What if’s!! It’s existing, not living. After tracking my own since I was 16 years old I have discovered a definitive connection between the food/chemical (household cleaners etc) intolerance and the panic attacks. So there is definitely a gut/brain reaction causing the in more cases than not, but there are MILLIONS of people who suffer from this and are screaming in silence. Feeling more alone than one can feel because the fear is inside. Not on the the outside where one can see and help comfort. There is NOT enough help or research on this and after approx 35 years I personally am drained, tired exhausted. My wish is to find the cause and the cure not to simply cover up symptoms. Been praying for thee day since I was a little girl. Apologies this post is so long and some know I am not usually short on words, but especially when these topics are brought up. I just wish with my Life that somebody will bring those of us with this the news that there is a breakthrough and an answer before it’s too late for us to Live :’(

    To ALL who are suffering for ANY reason, or know somebody who is, MY Heart is with you. I wish for never ending Hope and Healing. <3 <3 <3

    Thank you for asking such an important question. Maybe a miracle will happen. The thought of feeling "normal" and free to go outside or exist inside without this fear would be a Dream of ALL Dreams come true!!

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